We all love to hear about those online dating success stories. But are they really real?  Does dating online really work?..................................Well yes!   Dating online actually works!
Here at Australian Dating Site the owners are happy to share their story and others who have found love online just like them.

Like all relationship they require  hard work, dedication and most of all LOVE IS THE KEY and RESPECT IS THE ANSWER!


Kelly From Australia

We met online and chatted for a while before we met in person.

Our first date was at a coffee shop. We hit it off so well. We just talked and talked until the staff asked us to leave as they needed to close.

We lived apart for several years as we had 3 teens between us. We decided to move in together after several years and have been very happy. We have gone through me surviving a tumor 6 years ago and last year breast cancer scare.

We are best friends, we share so many passions. Meeting each other online was the best thing to happen to us. We are totally devoted to each other.


Nicole From Western Australia.

We met on line. I think it was back in the days when it was free. LOL. We became friends on FB and spent many nights chatting getting to know each other. Two months past and we decided to meet eeek!!!

I always remember the day I met him. I went to friend’s child’s first birthday party beforehand. I was so nervous all day at the BBQ I could hardly eat. It defiantly wasn’t easy as he has a daughter who he has 100% full custody so it was always the 3 of us on dates. LoL.

So I had a plan with a friend to call me if I sent the SOS message. I was so nervous. Once we said Hi that was it. I ended up staying for ages just chatting and ended up staying for tea!

He only wanted friendship at thst stage but I already knew it was something special. Three months on from there and we had fallen head over heels. We started dating in July went on our first holiday together in October and I was pretty much living with him by Christmas. We decided to get our own place in April/May and then made the huge decision to move to the main land from Tassie the following January for him to work in the mines.

It was a long way from family and friends it was hard to learn to live with. But we have now just bought our first house together 14 months ago. We have been happy ever since.


Michelle and Jason

My partner and I share the most amazing love story of all. I was dating online and had been on a few dates. I even went as far as 1000kms to meet someone. That’s when I met my love, my soul mate, my twin flame. I had answered an ad to a guy that sounded kind and had a humanitarian nature. I didn’t hear anything back so I decided to have other dates. Just when I was about to leave to go on my epic journey to meet someone else he replied. I was interested but had promised to go meet someone else. So I said I will be away for a week I will contact you when I get back. I was meant to be going on a Bali holiday with my best friend when I returned. Anyway we were driving through a canyon. I had fallen asleep and suddenly woke up and said "I had a messag" For the life of me couldn’t remember what it was. I knew it was about the man I was with but had no idea what it was. We met and it wasn’t right. I had this sudden urge to go home and contact the other man. This urge was so strong…I left without saying a word while he was out. I drove over 1000kms home all in one go. None stop. I had the stars showing me the way and drove all night to get to him. I messaged him as soon as I got home and arranged to meet 2 days later .

We chose a beach location and decided on a picnic. He said he would take care of the food and said not to bring a thing. I bought a beautiful bottle of wine, I couldn’t have gone empty handed. Any way we meet in the carpark and I instantly knew it was him. We talked for hours while we ate the most amazing picnic of all seafood, crackers, olives and cheeses. We drank the wine as we watched the sun set. We both new our worlds would never be the same.

I never did get to Bali, by some devine intervention the volcano errupted and our flights were cancelled. This just gave me more time to get to know my love. We had the best day trip to Hamlin Bay. This was better than Bali any day!!

He told me a story that just before I messaged him for the first time. He was at the shops and a lady who he had never met,  tapped him on the should and said that “she is coming soon” He was baffled and wondered why she had said this and no sooner was she gone. He never saw her again. Very mysterious.

We have had our ups and downs and our testing times, but we have stayed true and held tight to our love and we are still very much in love and are blessed that we met.


Paula from Australia

Paul writes:

I don’t even remember the site we met on. We were both only looking for friendship. I’d not long ended an emotionally abusive relationship ( I guess I was looking to prove I was worthy)

We were 200 kms apart. We emailed each other every day. Me at work and him at night when come home from work. This happened for 3 months including him going over east for his sister’s wedding. We met at our first date Christmas Eve, clicked and he never left! His mates were looking for him, even ringing the hospitals.

This was back in 1997 when we started corresponding, engaged 12 months later, married 9/10/99. First child wasn’t meant to happen so quick but arrived end of June and next one came along 2003.

We found that we were able to express ourselves openly in writing in those months before we met so knew each other well before we actually meet.

Our first date was a laugh looking back. I had to book a restaurant because I don’t eat seafood. So I booked this great Italian one, only problem was they changed the menu. He was sitting there thinking “why the hell did she pick here” and I was thinking “Crap” but more explicit but that will do. There was almost nothing on the menu that didn’t have seafood.  We went there every year for our anniversary up to our 10th. We haven’t done it since due to a family member passing.

We have had our ups and downs but managed to work through them. The last 6 years have been very challenging but 2017 brings a new beginning in many ways. We still have copies of our emails. Our kids know nothing. We will tell them one day. My parents knew how we met.

2017 is going to be good we are defiantly lucky and stronger together.