Google +
You can use your existing G+ account to register and log into Free Senior Personals. The site automatically imports basic account details and photo from G+.
You can use your existing Facebook account to register and login to your site. The site automatically imports your basic account details and photo from Facebook. You can also post status updated back to Facebook and invite your friends to join the site.
Photo notes support 
You can add notes to their photos and tag other users.
Light and fast for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, etc.
CoolIris support 
Planetroot now supports CoolIris 
Get instant Real-time notifications 
Real-time notification system shows the latest information at the bottom of your page. You will be automatically notified if someone is viewing your profile or if there’s something new about their friends, groups, comments, etc.
Dynamic search page with photo 
The new dynamic search page automatically adds your custom profile questions to the search criteria list. Users are displayed with photo piles created from their primary photo and their best rated photos. The last search criteria for each you is saved and it is available the next time the you goe to the search page. Saved searches and new matches e-mails are supported.
Privacy settings
You can pick a privacy level for your profile, photos, videos and blogs. The available levels are: Everyone, Registered user only, Friends only.
View mutual friends 
Smilies in messages and profiles 
Inspired by the popular HOTor NOT site the new feature allows you to quickly rate photos and find new friends.
Google Maps
Google Maps intergration shows events locations 
Photo galleries 
You can organize your photos in different galleries.
Integration with Skype 
Link your Skype account to your profile. Other users will be able to instantly call the You by clicking on the Skype icon.
Integration with Twitter 
You can automatically update their status to Twitter and Free Senior personals via Twitter.
Support for the new IE8 web slices 
Planetroot supports IE8 web slices for new users, top users, top photos, etc. Web slices are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8+ that allows you to subscribe to parts of a web page and view updates directly from your browser.
The e-cards functionality supersedes the "Show Interest". The feature is very flexible and allows you to configure many different pictures and flash based e-cards. You can make cards such as "I'm interested in you", "Send a rose", "Wink", "Flirt", "Happy birthday", etc. You can add your personal message to the e-card. 
Separate friends list and favourites list 
The friends list is similar to Facebook and Hi5, while the favourites list (crush list) is for your personal favourites, you can use both at the same time.
User status 
The user status functionality is similar to Facebook and other social networks. You  can set a status such as "I'm happy", "Looking for a date", etc. The status is shown on the user profile page, in the online friends list and in the friend events.
Site and user events 
Similar to Facebook and other social networking sites you can easily see when your friends have new photos, blog posts, comments, etc. The events system also notifies for changes in the user groups - such as new topics, new posts on your topics, new group photos, etc. You can also leave comments on the user events
Home Page
Dynamic components that you can add to your home page Customizable home page! You can add components (Web parts) that notify you for new users, new videos, popular blog posts, new groups, new topics, site events, online friends, news and more! Web parts are customizable as well with options for gender, age and more.
Rotate photos when uploading.
You no longer have to rotate photos before uploading. Photos can be rotated from the site by clicking a button!
Importing Email Contacts
Support for importing addresses from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, etc and sending invitations.
Video & Photo
Integrated flash uploader with progress bar and percentage for photos and videos for
quick and easy solution when you want to upload a bunch of photos or videos. The uploader shows percentage and gives a visual indication that the files are uploading and how much is left.
Support for profile skins  
Similar to MySpace and Hi5 you can select a custom design (skins,Profile Page Background) to your profile page.
Remember Me
Added "remember me" option when logging in 
Support for audio uploads in MP3 format
You can upload MP3 files to you profile..
"Upcoming Events" web part
Web part that informs you for new events in your groups.
Support for Windows CardSpace authentication   
Windows CardSpace is client software that enables you to provide your digital identity to online services in a simple, secure, and trusted way.
Support for comments on photos   
You can leave comments on other your photos.
Support for slideshows in group galleries
Flash based slideshows are supported in the group photo galleries and support for slideshows in user photos.
User preview tooltip when the mouse is over a username   
A handy feature that shows a quick preview of the user when the mouse is over a username.
Dedicated page where you can review and moderate comments left on their profile or photos.
Group events and calendar   
Each group has its own calendar with events. You are always notified of incoming events and you can select if you will attend the event. You are also notified if your  friends are attending an event.
Events Page
Notification about upcoming events on the home page
YouTube videos   
You can add your YouTube videos to your profile.
Photo capture via webcam    
You can have your photo captured and uploaded directly on the site if you have a webcam.
Group polls and voting   
You can create polls when adding your topics. Pie charts are used to visualize the vote results.
Groups minimum age restriction
Minimum age restrictions are available. Group owners can easily enforce 18+ or 21+ age restriction.
Show Friends
Show all friends currently online on the home page.
Support for private video uploads
You can mark your video uploads as private and only selected users who will be able to view you.
Group event comments
You can leave comments for group events
Added "Your friend has a birthday today" message notification
Ability to restrict who can contact you by gender, age and photo
Group announcements
Ability to disable comments, voting and rating for your profile
You are notified of new topics and posts in your groups   
Filter Group members by gender, age, type
Want to find all the 21+ girls from the "Fitness" group? No problem ;-)
Search group by category, by name, by description
Search group topic by name, by keyword in the post
Search in mailbox by username
Message status 
You can see if your message has been read, ignored or deleted.
The message history icon now links to all messages from that user and a small icon next to the profile quickly indicates that you have already sent or received a message from that user.
Group Smileys
Group posts now support smileys
Chat Thumbnails
Chat Room with user thumbnails  
There is a main chat room and a separate chat room for each group. The chat uses your photos as avatars within the chat.
Community Groups   
Each group can have a message board (forum), chat, photo gallery, calendar and events. Group administrators and moderators are supported.
Group Chat Rooms
Group Image Galleries   
Group Message Boards   
Support for public, moderated and private groups  
Vista Gadgets   
Vista Gadgets are used and supported.
Distance to other users
Shows distance (km/miles) from currently logged in user in search results and shows the distance between you and the users you're finding in the search results.
Shows zodiac signs   
Shows your and users star signs.
Age Filters
Filter online users by age/gender.   
Email Profile
Email profile to a friend functionality Profiles can be easily e-mailed to a friend. Users can enter personalized message for each e-mail.
Abuse reports
Report abuse functionality for photos, profiles and messages so you can report abusive photos, profiles and messages. There is a section in the administrative tool where administrators can review the reports and take appropriate actions for you.
Worldwide distance search
Search within a certain radius of your location. 
Rate Users
Rate users; Rate photos (hot or not); Configurable scale, the feature is similar to the famous HOT or NOT site.
Profile comments
Leave comments on other users profiles.
RSS for news and new users.
Birthday options
Birthday e-mails and todays birthdays box.
Cool Mailbox
Gmail Like Mailbox Conversations Archive. Planetroot also shows the whole message chain similar to Gmail.
Personal Blog
Personal Weblog commenting and blog creation.
Who's Onine
Who's online list and a Real-time online users list.
Shows user icons on the profile page.